The Essence of Life:
Sculptured, Redesigned and Enhanced

 “Sculpture should not need words to make an individual admire or understand it. Bronze, being such a permanent material, serves to remind me of that. It will far outlast the artist or the collector and has to stand on its own when whatever words have been used to describe it are gone.” - Digby Veevers-Carter

Digby’s desire to interpret contemplative moments in nature has given way to the conception of the Ephemeral and Eternal series. It is his belief that beauty exists wholly within the cycle of life; nothing is separate and in the end one nourishes that from which one has come. With this new series of bronze sculpture, Veevers-Carter hopes to reveal in a unique way the hidden essence of the world in which we live.

An individual bronze tree is modeled from the parts of up to 40 separate, same species root balls. A wire brush or wheel is used to remove the rot and decay and reveal the heartwood. The base root is selected and pitch and height are established. Individual roots are added with glue and metal pins. All of the connections are then sculpted over with clay to bring back a natural flow, form, and texture.

The final production stages are technical and compositional. Guided by the inherent rule that nature abhors a vacuum, Veevers-Carter skillfully sculpts the delicate root tips and nodules onto the tree. He implements his artistic vision of the renewal of grace and beauty iin a majestic form in nature into eternal life set in bronze.

This new series of sculpture reveals Digby’s perception of the fractal uniformity inherent in nature. His exploration of how form evolves in the natural world allows him to engage in an artistic process whereby he imitates and creates the final composite. The end result is sculpture which is both familiar and hauntingly at odds with nature.

The Enduring Tree
53 x 33.5 x 23.6 inches

The Staghorn Tree
30.5 x 21.5 x 22 inches